Contingency Plan

Due to circumstances beyond our control, The Department for Education are unable to provide us with a completed school site in time for a 2021 opening.

With 927 applications for Year 7 places received by The Gilberd School in 2020 however, the need for The Trinity School to open in 2021 is undeniable and the Alpha Trust is working with closely both Essex County Council and The Department for Education to implement a contingency plan.

The Trinity School will open to Year 7 students in September 2021. It will not however be on its own site. During this first year, whilst we await the keys for the new school, The Trinity School will be sharing The Gilberd’s School site

Restrictions caused by the available space on this site mean that sadly, the intake for this first year group will be reduced from the planned Pupil Admission Number (PAN) of 180 students to a PAN of 120. Other clear disadvantages are the loss of the excitement of our first year group starting in a fresh, new building and a slightly longer journey during that first year for students travelling to school from the Chesterwell development area and beyond.

There are though, several significant advantages. Whilst having their own uniform, staff and dedicated area of the site, students will also be able to share specialist staff and facilities with The Gilberd School. They will be able to be part of The Gilberd School’s famous school show. They will benefit from the renowned mentoring The Gilberd’s Prefects and Junior Prefects provide; they will have outstanding support in developing their identity as a student body before moving across to the new school site where in time, they themselves will become the Mentors for younger students. Our vision has always been one of The Trinity School being a new school with an established heritage. This first year will be a fantastic opportunity to draw on the heritage of The Gilberd School as The Trinity’s students and staff begin to form their own school’s identity.

We are clearly disappointed not to be able to begin The Trinity School’s life on its own, dedicated site and I am sure you and your child may well be also. We are however, excited by the opportunities this contingency plan will offer and confident the 2021 opening of The Trinity School will be a hugely successful one.

Mrs Exley

Executive Headteacher

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